LavaLoon Attack Strategy Easy Guide For TH9, TH10 And TH11

Lavaloon is one of most powerful and most used strategy. If done correctly you can 3 star almost all bases. This strategy is again being used by TH11 players.

Purpose Of Lavaloon:

Lavaloon is usually used for trophy pushing or in war. Some clashers use it for gold farming too. You can take out any base with this strategy.
This strategy requires high level heroes atleast lvl 30 but If you have low heroes you can use this strategy to 2 star bases. It is quite easy to use.

Army Composition:

I use following troops:
Lava: I train 2 lavas and one lava in CC.
Minions: 10-15 minions (Use them for cleanup).
Balloons: I train loons in remaing space.
Note: You can train some wall breakers if you want to send your heroes into core of the base.
Spells: Th9- 3 Rages And one heal spell
TH10- 3 Rages, one heal and one freeze spell.
TH11- 3 Rages, 2 freeze, one poison spell and 2 haste spells in CC.

 How To Use Lavaloon:

If possible search for the bases that have infernos and xbows next to Town Hall. This will help you to destroy Town Hall with splash damage of loons.

Taking Out Archer Queen And Clan Castle Troops:

The first and most important step is to kill castle troops first. Deploy one balloon to lure clan castle troops and take them to a corner and kill them with poison spell and Archer queen.
If enemy queen is near the edge of base take her out with Barbarian King this will give you great advantage in battle.

Choosing Correct Side To Attack:

Don't Attack from corner this will make your balloons to regroup at a place this will get them killed with area splash of wizard tower or by multi target inferno tower.Always Attack from the back side of air sweepers. Air sweepers can ruin your attacks if you attack from their front. Attack from the side which has lowest level of air defenses if possible.
If enemy has single target inferno attack without any hesitation. Multi target infernos are dangerous for loons.

Deploying Troops:

Send your lavas on two air defenses and send a line of balloons right behind them. Apply rage spell on loons so that they can cleanup defenses quickly. When balloons are near inferno towers freeze them up. If group of loons are getting splash damage from wizard tower throw heal spell on them. Correct use of spells is necessary to get best results.

Clean Up:

Use minions to clean up outer building. Send in heroes to take out Town Hall. Enjoy 3 stars!
So this was a simple Lavaloon guide. Comment below if you are facing any problems. We will be writing more guides in future so keep visiting. Clash On!

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