Upgrade Priority For TH9

What to upgrade first is problem of every clasher so today i am going to guide you.


Laboratory is key to getting better. Without upgrade laboratory you can't get better troops in CoC. As a result you will fail to get 3 stars in war. So you priority should be laboratory. By upgrading laboratory at TH9 you can upgrade golem and valks to level 4 which will make you alot better.

 Archer Queen To Level 5

Archer queen is most important factor for winning attack so you should upgrade your AQ to level 5 as soon as possible so you can use her ability.

Army Camps

You should upgrade your army camps as soon as posdible so that you can have more army. Without upgrading army camps you can't 3 star fellow TH9s.

Clan Castle

Upgrading clan castle will increase your clan castle space. More clan castle space means you can get golem or lava hound in your CC. This will give you great advantage in battle. Without castle troops it is always difficult to attack bases.


Xbows are good for defense you should build xbows asap and upgrade them to level 3 so that you can defend your base against attackers

Air Defense

After xbows you should focus on air defense because nowadays air attacks are common so upgrading air defenses will protect your base from air attacks.

Archer Towers

Many clashers focus on motors when they uprade their TH, upgrading motars will give you nothing. Motars just do little damage to troops it is better to upgrade archer towers than upgrading motars.

Wizard Towers

Wizard towers are very important defense. They can save you from giant attacks. Wizard towers can kill alot of giants if healing spell is not used.


Teslas are one of most important defense. They can wipe out troops very quickly so you should upgrade teslas after wizard towers.


Now it's time to upgrade mortars. Mortars are good for killing barch or goblins.


Cannons are good for killing ground troops. They will help you to survive against golem attacks.

Air Sweepers

After upgrading all of your defense you should upgrade air sweepers. Air sweepers can help you to defend against LavaLoon attacks.


Walls can slow down ground troops so you should atleast upgrade your walls to Level 9.

So this was a short guide for all of you. I will write upgrade priority for TH10 and TH11 soon so stay tuned.

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