Attack Strategies

Best Attack Strategy for BH6 (2018)

27 May 2018

Hey Guys, today I will guide you about the best attack strategy for BH6. By using this strategy you can win most of the attacks. In order to use this strategy, you must have level 12 Beta Minions. Army Composition Army composition for this strategy is simple. You just need to train beta minions in [...]

Clash Of Clans: How to use Giant Skeleton

28 Dec 2017

Giant Skeleton event just started today so I decided to write a guide on how to use giant skeleton.  You can use giant skeleton as an alternative of golems or giants. It is really strong it has a lot of hp and a reasonable damage. They cause a great deal of damage when they are [...]

GoWiPe Attack Strategy Guide For TH8

28 Dec 2017

Hey Guys Chief AHK is back with the latest guide. Today I will help you to learn GoWiPe. GoWiPe is a strong attack strategy for TH8. By using GoWiPe you can easily 3 star your fellow TH8s. I will try to give a short guide.Let's go to guide. Army Composition Following should be your army [...]

Town Hall 9/TH9 Troop Upgrade Order For Farming.

3 Aug 2017

Hello Clashers, Chief AHK is back with new guide. Today I will guide you which troops you should upgrade first on TH9. This guide will focus on farming troops. I will write war upgrade priority soon. Archers If you want to farm on TH9 you should upgrade Archers first because Archers can be used in [...]

Clash Of Clans BH5/Builder Hall 5 Best Attack Strategy

2 Aug 2017

Hello Guys. Chief AHK is back with New Guide And sorry I was busy for some weeks. Today I will share best attack strategy for BH5. Mass Barbarian Attack This strategy is easy to execute. You just need to train Barbarians in all of your barracks. Your barbarians must be level 10. Builder machine is [...]

Clash Of Clans: Builder Hall Level 4 Best Attack Strategy

6 Jun 2017

Hey Clashers, Chief AHK is back with new guide. Are you losing attacks in builder base? Are you stuck on low trophies? Then this is best guide for you. I was suffering when I upgraded my BH to level 4. I was stuck on low trophies because I was a bit rushed but now I [...]

Simple LavaLoon Attack Strategy Guide For TH9, TH10 And TH11

13 Apr 2017

Lavaloon is one of most powerful and most used strategy. If done correctly you can 3 star almost all bases. This strategy is again being used by TH11 players. Purpose Of Lavaloon: Lavaloon is usually used for trophy pushing or in war. Some clashers use it for gold farming too. You can take out any [...]