Clash of Clans: 5 ways players broke the spirit of the game

Today we are covering five things players have done that have broken the spirit of Clash of Clans and specifically what I am talking about is ways that players did things that the designers of Clash of Clans did not intend to happen maybe they were within the rules but it wasn't within the spirit of the game. I'm just gonna get into these and you will see what I'm talking about. I've got five pretty clear examples of this some of them are in the past and some of them are still happening.

Town Hall sniping

Players used to take their Town Hall and place it on the outside of their base so that another attacker could come by, take down the Town Hall and they would immediately receive a shield for the next 12 hours. People were doing this in order to avoid getting hit for large amounts of loot. They were hoping to get hit by trophy pushers that were happy just to take the easy trophy or two and move on. That way they wouldn't get hit by the farmers and take the big loot losses.

The designers, the programmers, the devs at Clash of Clans did not intend for this to happen. If you really think about it doesn't make sense if you're protecting your village would you put the core of your village on the outside and let other players attack? No of course not and although this went on for years and years in Clash of Clans. Eventually, when Town Hall 11 was introduced they got rid of Town Hall sniping and it was no longer a quick and easy way to get a free shield.


This was also something that the devs didn't really foresee because now obviously players were going to rush and players rushed their bases but once clan wars were introduced after the beginning of the game then players realized they could alter their war weight by rushing their bases. By developing very strong offenses with not a lot of strong defenses and that would give them favourable war matchups where they could probably go on and win. So this was again not something that the devs had foreseen. They have taken steps to try to remove most of the engineering because now you have to build all of those structures.

Queen walk

This is again a way that players kind of came up with an ingenious idea of an attack that admittedly the Clash of Clans team didn't really anticipate. Devs were too shocked. They were surprised that players had thought to take multiple healers, place them on just one hero, and let that hero run rampant through the base with some rage spells.
It has, of course, become a huge strategy that has been used throughout clan wars for many many years and if you'll recall there have also been multiple nerfs. We have seen a couple of nerfs to healers. We've seen also the specific nerf to using multiple healers so that came after the fact Queen walks became a thing because again the Clash of Clans team didn't anticipate this being a strategy.
You know and it was not something that came up round right away. It was something that ingenious and thoughtful players came up with and although it doesn't really go with the whole spirit of the game meaning that when the clash developers made the healer, the idea wasn't okay. You placed a bunch of healers on one unit and it keeps it alive. The idea was more like a heal spell. They thought all people will place healers here and there and everywhere and heal different units up, not a specific strategy where you would insert a queen like this and then go in with just the healers and have her take out 1/4 or 1/3 of the base.
It has been a very effective strategy. Although the Clash team has taken steps to nerf it, they could have wiped it out or they could have made it so healers do not stack or something like that, they could have made a very specific nerf that just completely got rid of Queen walk but again the developers saw that this is an effective strategy. It's not predominant. You know the 90% of attacks are Queen walks and it's not necessarily that easy to accomplish so they've left it in the game.
I think it's a great addition. You know The Clash team talks about the diversity of attacks they want to see players using all sorts of different attacks. The game becomes problematic when you've got everybody or a large percentage of a specific Town Hall using the exact same attack strategy and Queen Walk has actually worked to diversify things. I think it's a great strategy and again if you're good at it, you can really get a lot of damage done so although unintended it has been something that has stayed in the game and is exciting now

Lightning spell on storages

With the introduction of the earthquake spell Clash of Clans Team got rid of the ability to directly damage storages through lightning and of course through the earthquake spell. A long time ago, Dark elixir was so extremely valuable that you would see players who would just bring a whole bunch of lightning spells and they would run in drop all their lightning spells on the dark elixir and run away.
Players hated it. The Clash team didn't realize that was going to happen and they took steps to take it out of the game.

FWA clans

Now there is a huge alliance 'The Farm War Alliance'. These clans that have gone around the idea of regular clan war and they are only in it for the loot. There is no competition. They just want to get loot and as you can see they've got multiple web pages.

These guys don't care about war wins, they don't care about war stars they just care about farming for loot by using clan war. It is another thing that is definitely against the spirit of the game but not in direct violation of any rules Terms of Service. It's not an exploit just something that players do but let me know what you guys think Are these correct? Should this not happen? Let me know in the comments.

18 Mar 2020

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