Clash Of Clans: Builder Hall Level 4 Best Attack Strategy

Hey Clashers, Chief AHK is back with new guide. Are you losing attacks in builder base? Are you stuck on low trophies? Then this is best guide for you.

I was suffering when I upgraded my BH to level 4. I was stuck on low trophies because I was a bit rushed but now I win almost all attacks. 

First of all you need to upgrade your laboratory. We will be using barbarians to push trophies so you will need atleast barbarians level 6. Try to build 4th army camp ASAP. 

Train barbariabs in all of your army camps. Level 6 barbarians and higher are recommended. When you are in battle first of all try to clear all outside buildings with half of your army. You need to save some barbarians to take out BH. You can get one star easily by clearing outside buildings.

When all outside buildings are cleared find best path to reach BH easily. Deploy all of your saved barbarians to take out BH. I am sure you will win 90% of attacks with this strategy.

I hope you liked today's guide. I will be writing more in future. Clash On!

6 Jun 2017