Clash of Clans: February 2019 update leaks. New Lunar Year Decorations

Welcome back fellow clashers. Today I will share some update leaks with you.

Lunar New Year Obstacles Leaks

Image courtesy: 'Past Amazing' Youtube channel

So right here I have an image from Youtube and I am not sure if these are legit. But they kind of do look legit so that's why I am showing it to you guys. These are apparently leaks for the lunar year 2019 update.

If you guys remember, last Chinese new year we had this new loading screen. We had that firework obstacle that was introduced. We also had that fortune tree.

Image courtesy: 'Past Amazing' Youtube channel

Image courtesy: 'Past Amazing' Youtube channel

This year people are speculating that we probably are getting another Chinese new year update. Chinese new year is on February 9. So it's right around the corner.

That's all we know till now. Clash on!

18 Mar 2020