Clash Of Clans: How To Get Loot

Hello Clashers Chief AHK is back with new guide. As you all know without loot you cannot upgrade any buildings. Many clashers face loot problems when they upgrade their Town Hall to new level. If you have newly upgraded your Town Hall then this is right guide for you.

First thing you should know is when you upgrade your Town Hall you will face loot problems for atleast 1 week. Dont Worry this is normal. During first week you should give alot of time to the game. You will find good storage loot after alot of searches if you have newly upgraded you Town Hall.

Factors That Affect Loot:



You should change your game language to Norsk. When you change language of your game it changes your game server. Norsk language can give you loot whole day.


You should choose correct leagues for getting loot. Below I mentioned leagues for different TH levels.

Town Hall 9, 10 and 11: Crystal League. Crystal league is best for Town Hall 9, 10 And 11 you will find a loot of dead bases here.

Town Hall 7 And 8: Town Hall 7 and 8 should stay in Silver or Gold league. These leagues give good dead bases to low bases.

Town Hall 5 and 6: Town Hall 5 and 6 should farm in Silver league you will get good loot here.

Comeback tomorrow for more guides. Clash On!

10 Apr 2017