Clash Of Clans: How to use Giant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton event just started today so I decided to write a guide on how to use a giant skeleton. You can use a giant skeleton as an alternative of golems or giants. It is really strong it has a lot of hp and reasonable damage. They cause a great deal of damage when they are killed. Just pair it up with some wizards and valks to 3 star your enemy.

Army Composition:

1. Three giant skeletons 2. Two Pekkas or 10 Valks 3. Few Wall Breakers 4. Rest Wizards 5. Brew Rage and Heal spells

Deploy your giant skeletons on one side of the base. Deploy a line of wizards behind them. Deploy wall breakers to make way. Send in your Valks or Pekkas. Use spells in the core. Boom! You got 3 stars. That was a quite simple guide. Enjoy the event and keep visiting. Clash On!


18 Mar 2020