Clash Of Clans: How to use Giant Skeleton

Clash of Clans Giant Skeleton event just started today so I decided to write a guide on how to use a giant skeleton. You can also study about Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 from here. You can use a giant skeleton as an alternative of golems or giants. It is really strong it has a lot of hp and reasonable damage. They cause a great deal of damage when they are killed. Just pair it up with some wizards and valks to 3 star your enemy.

Army Composition:

1. Three giant skeletons 2. Two Pekkas or 10 Valks 3. Few Wall Breakers 4. Rest Wizards 5. Brew Rage and Heal spells

Deploy your giant skeletons on one side of the base. Deploy a line of wizards behind them. Deploy wall breakers to make way. Send in your Valks or Pekkas. Use spells in the core. Boom! You got 3 stars. That was a quite simple guide. Enjoy the event and keep visiting. Clash On!


  • The Giant Skeleton was a transitory troop that was accessible during the 2017 Halloween, alongside Pumpkin Barbarian. They were made accessible again during the "Jack Skellingboom" occasion, alongside the Ice Wizard, which endured from 12/28/17 until 1/3/18. They were made accessible by and by on Halloween 2018, alongside Skeleton Barrel.
  • They have high hitpoints and do enormous harm upon death.
  • Giant Skeletons organize protective structures over any remaining targets, and will sidestep any remaining kinds of foe structures and troops while any guards stay on the front line. This is genuine regardless of whether they are enduring an onslaught by foe Clan Castle troops, legends or Skeleton Trap skeletons. Note that like all soldiers that organize guards, Giant Skeletons don't consider the Clan Castle to be a safeguard whether or not or not it contains foe troops, but rather think about the shielding Grand Warden and the level 12 or 13 Town Hall (if its Giga Tesla or Giga Inferno has been set off) to be protective structures.

When all protections are devastated, Giant Skeletons become like some other troop with no favored objective; they will assault the closest structure to them paying little mind to type, and will turn and assault foe units on the off chance that they become mindful of any close by.


You could have a limit of 14 Giant Skeletons all at once in a total arrangement of completely updated Army Camps. On the combat zone, you could clone an extra 3 Giant Skeletons with three level 2 or higher Clone Spells.

Like any remaining impermanent soldiers, the Giant Skeleton can't be given through a Clan.

Like any remaining impermanent soldiers and spells, the Giant Skeleton can't be updated in the Laboratory. All things being equal, they rely upon the player's Town Hall level.

  • To figure the wellbeing and harm insights, two variables are thought of: the base measurement and Town Hall multiplier.
  • The base measurement for every Town Hall level equivalents the DPH and HP of specific degrees of Giants.
  • Each base measurement is increased by a fixed multiplier for every Town Hall level; the multiplier follows a generally direct scale. For Town Hall level x, the multiplier is {displaystyle (lfloor 30+(x-1)*70/11rfloor )/100}. When the multiplier is applied, the measurement is adjusted down to give the last measurement.
  • Note that different insights, for example, preparing cost and passing harm, are not duplicated by the multiplier.

The Giant Skeleton is the third brief troop that comes from Clash Royale, after Ice Wizard and Battle Ram. It's one of the two brief soldiers from Clash Royale that organize guards in Clash of Clans however doesn't just assault structures in Clash Royale, the other is the Ice Wizard. The Giant Skeleton was added to clash royale on 4/1/2016 the date of the game's delicate dispatch.

The Giant Skeleton approaches harm as a Giant of a similar level and has 2.5 occasions the Giant's hitpoints.

Dissimilar to his Clash Royale Counterpart, he assaults just safeguards as opposed to everything.

In the image, he wears an earthy colored Russian cap. However, in the game, he wears a red one, looking like an adversary's Giant Skeleton troop in Clash Royale. A similar circumstance applies to the Ice Wizard and Skeleton Barrel.

The bringing forth solid and the assaulting sound of Giant Skeleton is equivalent to the Giant.

11 Dec 2020