Clash Of Clans Massive Update Coming Soon (April 2017)

Hi Clashers, Chief AHK is back with new news. As you know we haven't seen any big changes from past few months. But I think this month we can expect a massive update. Below I will share some rumors that are spreading on different websites and Youtube channels.

  • Shipwreck

Many Clashers and youtubers think that shipwreck will be added in clash of clans. I don't know what will be the purpose of this ship but it may give some daily loot bonus.

  • Ice Wizard

Do You Guys Remember That Ice Wizard Event? Some youtubers think that Clash Of Clans will give us that wizard permanently. Ice Wizard will give us some new farming and war strategies. If he comes back I will definitely write a good guide on how to use that cool guy.

  • Barbarians And Archers Level 8

We can expect barbarians and archers lvl 8 in next update. I want them to be added because I love to use them for getting loads of loot.

That's all I know till now. If I will get some new rumors or news I will post them as soon as possible. What you want in next update? You can comment below! Clash On!


2 Apr 2017