Clash Of Clans: New Massive Update Will Be Released In 2018

Hey Guys, Chief is back with latest news. Today I will tell you the latest rumours about 2018 update. Rumours say that it will be huge update.

1. Multi Mortar


Yes multi mortar upgrade will be coming in 2018 update. Multi Mortars won't effect the gameplay much but it will help in killing low hp troops quickly. I can't confirm that multi mortar is coming but there are 80% chances of it coming in latest update.


2. Super Pekka In Night Village


That long awaited Super Pekka will be playable in 2018 update. It will be strong enough to cause great damage to night village single handedly.


3. New Dark Elixir Troop In Home Village


Yes! A new troop will be given to TH11 soon. As we all know that Supercell is encouraging 3 star attacks that's why new troop will be really strong. I don't what kind of troop it will be but i can confirm that it will very powerful.


That's all I know till now. I will give you more news about new update in coming days. Clash On!


29 Dec 2017