Clash Of Clans TH10 Upgrade Order 2018

Note: This article is outdated. Click here to read 2019 updated upgrade order for TH10.

Today I will guide you about upgrade order at Town Hall 10. Let's go to the guide.


The laboratory is key to getting better. Without upgrading laboratory you can't get better troops in CoC. As a result, you will fail to get 3 stars in war. So your priority should be the laboratory. By upgrading laboratory at TH10 you can upgrade Golem and Valks to level 5 which will make you a lot better.


Always leave one builder for heroes. Heroes are very strong you can't show your best in attacks without good heroes.

Note: Use one of your builders to upgrade laboratory, use 3 builders to build new buildings unlocked and use 1 builder to upgrade heroes.

1. Upgrade new archer tower to level 11

2. Upgrade new xbow to level 3

3. Upgrade infernos to level 3 as soon as possible. They are powerful and can burn visitors.

4. Upgrade new cannon to level 11

5. Upgrade New Bomb tower to level 3

6. After doing above upgrade now it's time to upgrade archer towers to level 13. Archers towers are a better defense than cannons and mortars that's why I put them above cannon and mortars.

7. Upgrade Cannons to level 13

8. Wizard Towers

9. Mortars to level 8

10. Bomb Tower to level 4

After upgrading the above-mentioned things you can now go for traps and walls. Walls are important because they slow down the enemy.

War Troop Upgrade Order:

I prefer LavaLoon attacks at TH10. You can 2 or 3 star any TH10 base with this strategy. Let's go to the guide. Troop Upgrade Order:

1. Lava Hound to level 3

2. Minions to level 6

3. Freeze Spell to level 3 at least.

4. Haste Spell to level 3 or higher.

5. Golem to level 5

6. Valkyrie to level 5

7. Bowler to level 2

8. Jump Spell to level 3

9. Wizards to level 7

10. Miners

11. Poison Spell (For Quickly Clearing CC troops)

12. Witch

13. Baby Dragons

14. Hogs

15. Lightning Spell

16. Wall Breakers

17. Dragon

18. Giant

Remaining can be upgraded anytime after above-mentioned troops. I hope if you follow the above guide you can get the best results. Clash On!


18 Mar 2020