Clash of Clans: What Darian says about March 2019 update. Everything about March 2019 update

As we all know a balancing update is going to hit soon this month. It contains some great balance changes you can check them on the official site of Clash of Clans. 

Recently Darian held a Q&A session on Reddit. I am going to break down what he said.

No new siege machines

He was asked about siege machines in this update, he said "No new siege machine this update". Well, that was straightforward.

Balancing electro dragons

He was asked about balance changes on the Electro dragon this one scared me because Electro dragon is one of my favorite units and a lot of people feel like it's super strong. Maybe it's being used too much like it might see a nerf soon. He said, " I don't believe any balance changes are being applied to the Electro dragons in the next update".

I believe there could be other balance changes that could hurt Electro dragons in the overall balance but at least for now we are not seeing a direct nerf or buff to Electro dragons.

Tornado Trap

One of the two big complaints that a lot of players have, Darian's response was simply this "We are looking at the Tornado trap's balance".

So obviously they are more than aware that a lot of players are unhappy about the Tornado trap and how strong it is on defense. 

Ice Golem

The question asked to Darian about the ice golem was "...Ice Golem being OP in defense but somewhat useless in offense?" Darian's reply was "We are aware of it".

He didn't disagree with the redditor's question but he doesn't say yes or no on balancing the ice golem.

Town Hall 13

Darian said," We haven't started on town hall 13 yet". I know a lot of players have been asking me about TH13 as of right now according to Darian they haven't started to work on TH13. Probably because they got so much other stuff in the works for 2019. 

If you had to ask me to make a prediction I would say at this point based upon everything, I am gonna say first update of 2020 that's when we will see TH13. That's just my prediction we will see if it comes true.

New Hero

Darian said, "We would love to introduce a new hero at some point". He added, "Chances of seeing a new hero in the future is well...Pretty heroic."

Long term evolution of Clash of Clans

One of the really interesting questions that I kind of latched on to that I thought was really cool talking about the long term evolution of Clash of Clans. Asked about the idea of going 3D he replied "While we don't have a 3D client in development, We do have some interesting tweaks...We will be introducing in due course".

What else

Operation blue skies and Builder hall 9 would be in work after July 2019 as said by Darian. We will also see some new items in League shops. That's all.

18 Mar 2020