Clash Of Clans: New Troops (April 2017)

Hi Guys, Chief AHK is back with new news. Below I will share troops that will soon join Clash Of Clans.



According to new leaks Executioner might join Clash Of Clans. If this troop comes he will give us many new strategies. Executioner will usually work like Bowlers he will target two building at a time by throwing his axe. I will write guide on him when he will be added.

Inferno Dragon:


Yes! Inferno Dragon may join Clash Of Clans in future updates. This flying Inferno Tower will wipe out building very quickly but will require a large housing space. 

Inferno Dragons will add new air strategies. I will write guide on this troop when added.

Electro Wizard:


Brother of wizard will be coming to Clash Of Clans soon. He will stun buildings with his electric currents. He will be used for slowing down inferno towers but won't have much health. This fragile troop will add many new strategies if added.

Ice Wizard:


We all have used him and enjoyed during Clashmas event. Ice wizard is a strong troop and can be used as alternative of normal wizard. He slows down the defenses which helps alot in battles.

That's all I know till now. All these troops are highly expected to come in Clash Of Clans. Keep Visiting for more guides. Clash On!

6 Apr 2017