El Primo Guide for Clash of Clans.

This mysterious masked fighter turned up out of nowhere, throwing punches that shatter walls with ease!

As you all know Brawl Stars has been launched globally and to promote it Clash Of Clans have already started an event including the brawler 'El Primo'. I will try to help you about how to use El Primo in your attacks.

Troop Composition

Here is the composition I am using. Training cost is cheap and troops get trained in just 27 minutes. I got some good results with this strategy.

I was able to 2 stars some new TH12 base and I was able to destroy 90% of inactive bases. This guy is worth trying.

How to use El Primo

A maxed El Primo has about 3550 hitpoints which means if you will train 10 El Primos you can soak 35500 damage which is a lot.

Just deploy a layer of El Primos on one side of the base and deploy a layer of the wizard behind them. Let wizard clean up the outer buildings of the base while El Primos make a funnel for your troops. Then deploy your heroes and remaining wizard, archers, and barbarians.


El Primo is a troop worth using. Fill your storages until he leaves for Brawl. Clash On!


18 Mar 2020