TH10 Troop Upgrade Order For War (2018)

Hey Guys, Chief AHK is back with the latest guide for TH10. Many clashers ask me to write this guide so I am going to write it today. Almost every clasher don't know what troop to upgrade first at TH10. So I will guide you today.

Note: I prefer LavaLoon attacks at TH10. You can 2 or 3 star any TH10 base with this strategy. Let's go to the guide.

Troop Upgrade Order:

1. Lava Hound to level 3.

2. Minions to level 6.

3. Freeze Spell to level 3 at least.

4. Haste Spell to level 3 or higher.

5. Golem to level 5.

6. Valkyrie to level 5.

7. Bowler to level 2.

8. Jump Spell to level 3.

9. Wizards to level 7.

10. Miners

11. Poison Spell (For Quickly Clearing CC troops).

12. Witch

13. Baby Dragons.

14. Hogs.

15. Lightning Spell.

16. Wall Breakers.

17. Dragon.

18. Giant.

Remaining can be upgraded anytime after above-mentioned troops. This was a quick guide. Follow this upgrade order to get best results in war. Comeback after few days for more guides. Clash On!


18 Mar 2020