Th8 Upgrade Priority

Hello Clashers, Chief AHK is back with a new guide. Today I am going to tell you what you should upgrade first at TH8. Many clashers don't know what they should upgrade first at new town hall.


Of course, the laboratory is the most important building for every Town Hall level. Your first priority should be upgrading of laboratory. Try to fill up your elixir storages before your town hall upgrades, this will help you to upgrade your lab ASAP. At TH8 new laboratory level will give you strong troops like level 3 Dragons and level 3 Pekkas. With level 3 drags you can 3 star most of bases.

Build New Buildings

Upgrade your Townhall will give you some new defense and offense buildings you should build them ASAP. Also, upgrade them to a decent level.

Upgrade Resource Building: Gold Storages, Elixir Storages And Dark Elixir Storage

You should upgrade you storages first so that you can fill them up for upgrading defenses. Upgrading Dark Elixir Storages is also very important because you will need more DE for upgrading BK.


You should upgrade your barracks and dark barracks because it will unlock some new strategies for you. You can do Gowipe and GoWiVa on your fellow TH8s and you can easily 3 star them.

Barbarian King

Barbarian king is the strongest of them all. You should upgrade you BK to level 10 as fast as you can. Barbarian king will help you in ground attacks.

Area Splash Defense: Wiz Towers and Mortars

Barch And Goblin attacks are very common at TH8. Area splash defenses will protect you from these stealers.

Air Defense

If you love war you should upgrade your air defense before upgrading any other defense because at TH8 Mass Drag Attacks are most common. Upgraded air defenses will take down dragons quickly and will stop the enemy from 3 starring you.

Archer Towers

Archers are a very strong defense. They can protect you from both air and ground troops.

Hidden Teslas

Hidden Teslas are also very important and strong defense. They can take out any troops quickly. They will help you to defend your village.


Cannons are not very strong but are good against ground troops. Cannons are at last because of their short range and ground targeting.

Dark Elixir Drills, Gold Mines And Elixir Collectors

You should upgrade your dark elixir drills because they will give you a decent amount of DEs when you run out of DE. Collectors and mines are also good because they give you a decent amount of resources every morning.


Spring traps are very good for protecting you from giants. Others traps such as bombs can wipe out low hp troops like barbs, archers, and goblins. Giant bombs are good against hogs.


Walls are the beauty of base. Walls will slow down your enemies. You should upgrade the walls before going to the new TH level. That was a quick guide. I hope this guide will help you. Comment below If I forgot something. Clash On!


18 Mar 2020