TH9 Upgrade Order 2018

This guide is outdated. To read 2019 version of the guide, Click here.


Hey, guys today I will guide you about what you should upgrade first at TH9. Many clashers don't know what they should work on when they upgrade the Townhall. I hope this guide will help you.


Build the new elixir and gold storage and upgrade them to the level of your existing storages. Upgrade dark elixir storage because you will need a lot of DE to upgrade heroes to higher levels.

Archer Queen to level 5

Use one of your builders to build AQ and try to upgrade it to level 5 as soon as possible so you can use her ability.

Army Camp

Use one builder to upgrade army camps. Your army camp's housing space will increase to 220.


Use your fourth builder to upgrade laboratory as It will give you new troop levels.

Clan Castle

It is an important building. By upgrading castle you can request more troops or you can request Lava Hound and Golem too which will help you to 3 star in wars.

New Buildings

As soon as one of your builder becomes free use him to build new buildings and try to upgrade them to the level of existing buildings. Try to upgrade new walls to skull walls and make a new and better base. Work on dark elixir drills as they will give you free dark elixirs daily. Note: I recommend to use one of your builders on heroes and use others on rest of buildings. Try to get a higher level of heroes as soon as possible because heroes are key to winning attacks. Rest of upgrade order should be:

  1. Barracks
  2. Spell Factories
  3. Xbows
  4. Air defenses
  5. Archer towers
  6. Air sweepers
  7. Wizard towers
  8. Teslas
  9. Bomb towers
  10. Mortars
  11. Cannons
  12. Traps
  13. Walls

That's it. I am sure this guide will help you to max your village. If I missed something feel free to comment. Your suggestions are valuable. You can write guides for us using the contact form. Clash On!


18 Mar 2020