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Clan Wars 2 In Clash Royale Complete Information

1 Sep 2020

It’s been more than 4 years for clash Royale now and there are many users who are playing this game from the start and always waiting for something new. Recently clash Royale introduced clan wars. Which got popularity and grown well. Clan wars two is most awaited update in clash Royale. Now update is here [...]

9 Best Smartwatches in 2019 {The Buyer's Guide}

18 Mar 2020

1.SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch Details:  It has a 33.02 mm screen that makes it look huge. The working framework utilized is Tizen It has super AMOLED screen It works on Dual-center 1GHz CPU, 768MB RAM, and has 4GB inner memory Battery's material is lithium Ion The watch accompanies Gorilla glass SR+ assurance Has [...]

Clash of Clans: Gladiator Archer Queen Confirmed For May 2019

18 Mar 2020

Gladiator Archer Queen skin has been confirmed today. The new skin is coming to the game at the beginning of May. Here is the screenshot of Gladiator Archer Queen in action: She will be available only at the end of the road for the gold pass and the new season pass will become available on [...]

Three new troops that might be added to Clash of Clans in 2019

18 Mar 2020

The Orc The idea is that it is a kind of tanky troop. It does a lot of damage and when he drops the shield he does even more damage. I would love to see something like this coming to THs lower than TH12, maybe a troop that everyone can use or at least put [...]

Clash of Clans: Top 5 predictions for 2019

18 Mar 2020

Hello, fellow clashers. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are doing good. Today I am going to tell you five predictions done by Galadon about future of Clash Of Clans. Prediction No.1: Town Hall 13 Yeah, another new town hall. Most of you might be thinking that Clash of Clans just released TH12 how [...]

Let's talk about Christmas update. Final update of 2019? New Town hall? New Hero? New Troops?

18 Mar 2020

There is a lot of talking going in Clash of Clans community about TH13 and the final update of 2019. End of the year update is usually huge and players believe this one would be big too. A part of Clash of Clans community believes that Town Hall 13 is just around the corner while the other [...]

Clash of Clans: What Darian says about March 2019 update. Everything about March 2019 update

18 Mar 2020

As we all know a balancing update is going to hit soon this month. It contains some great balance changes you can check them on the official site of Clash of Clans.  Recently Darian held a Q&A session on Reddit. I am going to break down what he said. No new siege machines He was [...]

Clash of Clans: Clouds to be fixed in 2019

18 Mar 2020

Recently Darian (Community Manager of Clash of Clans) gave an interview and you guys might have seen it on Youtube. He went into a little bit of detail about the clouds and to quote what Darian said, "I think we have found a solution to the clouds". So that is cool also he did say [...]

Clash of Clans: February 2019 update leaks. New Lunar Year Decorations

18 Mar 2020

Welcome back fellow clashers. Today I will share some update leaks with you. Lunar New Year Obstacles Leaks Image courtesy: 'Past Amazing' Youtube channel So right here I have an image from Youtube and I am not sure if these are legit. But they kind of do look legit so that's why I am showing [...]